Our Mission and Goals

To ensure that dental practices are never forced to close again, so that we can always take care of our patients

To make patients aware of how safe it is to visit the dentist

To make patients aware of which dentists adhere to the highest safety standards and protocols, and make it easy to find those dentists

To inform our members of the latest and most effective procedures, technology and services to achieve the highest safety for their patients

To promote the importance of dentistry as integral to a healthy immune system

Letting your patients know the great lengths that you go to in order to make a dental practice a safe environment is critical. Best Patient Safety provides you with the standards and protocols as well as the marketing materials you need to communicate these efforts to new and existing patients.

The Best Patient Safety accreditation will tell patients that you have gone above and beyond the regulatory standards to ensure the safest possible environment. It tells them you’ve agreed to abide by these standards with every patient.

Membership Benefits

Access to exclusive educational resources

Inclusion in member-only directory

Promotion of your member status

Member pricing for industry products

We will give you the current standards and protocols, as well as helpful training videos for you and your team, and will continually update as new systems and technology are developed. We know that this is not a “one size fits all” solution, but we have a panel of experts guiding us, and will also be gathering constant feedback for adjustments and improvements to the standards.


Give your patients peace of mind and stand out from other practices by becoming a Best Patient Safety member.



with one-time setup fee of $197

We want you to see us as a communication resource, both for your patients and for your team. Team members who feel safe and confident in their work environment will transmit confidence to your patients and as a result case acceptance will increase.

Being a member of Best Patient Safety will become something you can promote on your website, in social media and on review sites and directories.

The Diamond level of accreditation means that your office has been physically inspected by and independent compliance agent who reports that you meet a higher level of patient safety.

In addition, any technology that you have that decreases chairtime or the number of visits, such as CAD/CAM, digital scanning, laser therapy, and teledentistry, will be added to your profile as an enhancement.

Our goal is for you to have the best information and the most up-to-date resources so that you can offer the highest level of patient comfort, confidence and safety. And thrive in your practice.

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Join thousands of dental practices committing to providing the safest healthcare to patients

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