Feel Comfortable And Confident With Our Members

Each of our members agrees to adhere to a comprehensive list of protocols and procedures that ensure the highest level of safety for the patients as well as the dentists and their team members.

Our Current Standards & Protocols

We do as many of the business processes remotely and virtually as possible, from scheduling and financing to billing and insurance processing

We take the temperature and medical condition update of each patient as they enter, and maintain social distancing within the entire office

We fog each room in the office with electrolyzed salt water, which is a completely non-toxic, nearly odorless disinfectant. We do this between each patient in all treatment rooms

We provide a complete set of Patient Protection Equipment for our team members, including N95 masks, hair and beard coverings, clear plastic face shields, disposable gowns sealed at the neck and sleeves, disposable gloves and booties.

We clean all surfaces between patients and sterilize all instruments

We have had very detailed and sophisticated sterilization procedures and protocols even before the COVID-19 pandemic, and have upgraded many of our sterilization procedures and technology

Patient Education

Learn the symptoms of COVID; how to protect yourself from COVID 19; what to do if you are sick

Learn the symptoms of COVID; how to protect yourself from COVID 19; what to do if you are sick

Patient Resources

To help you and your family stay healthy and safe, we have put together useful articles and instructions from credible sources. 

Best Patient Safety continually updates the best procedures and new technology for our members, and we gather feedback from them as to what is most effective.

Also know that just because your dentist is not a member of Best Patient Safety, that does not mean that the practice doesn’t adhere to high standards of patient safety. Many practices who are not members are excellent in every way. This website can give you insight into what systems and procedures you should be expecting to see in a practice to ensure your safety.

Stay up to date on the latest health and safety information

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