Our Current Standards & Protocols

Hand washing of each patient

Taking temperature of each patient upon entry

Hypochlorous fogging of treatment rooms

Face shields

N95 or better masks

Autoclaving all instruments

Easily cleanable surfaces in all areas, including reception

Distancing of patients

If you want to stay healthy, you need to take care of your teeth, and your gums in your mouth. That’s what we’re here for. And we want you to know that we’ve taken all measures possible to make sure that you’re in the safest environment to maintain your teeth while improving your overall health.

Best Patient Safety accredited practices go above and beyond just the equipment and sterilization technology and procedures to keep you safe. We also have procedures for how patients move in and out of the office. You’ll notice that you’re asked to wash your hands immediately upon entering, and that your temperature is taken and that we give you a mask to wear as soon as enter the reception area.

We even consider the surfaces and materials used in every area of the practice, making sure that they are easily cleaned. Everything is considered for your protection as well as the protection of our team members.  You’ll know that we have been able to keep everything as clean as possible and to keep people as separate as possible, as long as necessary.

And, of course, we check patients ahead of time, to see if they have certain medical issues, and perhaps should postpone their dental treatment until we feel they are no longer potentially contagious. Beyond that, we treat the whole facility as an environment where infection control is the number one priority.

Not all dentists are members of Best Patient Safety. If your doctor is not a member that doesn’t mean he or she does not meet the same standards. But you can ask them if they do meet these standards.

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